the happiest golden labrador puppy you've ever seen

Guide Dogs Australia Pawsitive Pooch Program

Think you’re the best pooch parent in town? Prove it!

Dognitive Therapist and Guide Dogs Ambassador Laura Vissartis has helped us develop a quiz. The aim? To find out more about your dog’s mental health and happiness!

Are you the proud parent of a carefree canine? A delighted Daschund? A Golden Retriever who’s good as gold? There’s only one way to find out…

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How happy is your dog?

  • Question 1 of 10 When you leave home for the day, your dog is relaxed and resting on their bed
  • Question 2 of 10 Does your dog initiate play with you?
  • Question 3 of 10 You would describe your dog as rarely destructive
  • Question 4 of 10 Your dog barks infrequently, and usually only when excitable
  • Question 5 of 10 Your dog is optimistic towards other dogs and people
  • Question 6 of 10 Your dog eliminates appropriately, and rarely has accidents in the house
  • Question 7 of 10 Your dog sleeps well through the night
  • Question 8 of 10 Your dog loves going for walks and is open to new experiences
  • Question 9 of 10 You rarely see your dog displaying repetitive behaviours such as licking, barking or pacing
  • Question 10 of 10 Your dog has a healthy appetite